Travelling solo? Here’s what to consider
Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Last year, females travelling solo outnumbered males by almost two to one. It’s not hard to see why though. Travelling alone offers a level of freedom and adventure that travelling with a companion doesn’t. Plus, it helps you be present and aware of your surrounds, opening the doorway to new friendships you may not have made if you had been travelling in the comfort of your usual crew.

Be gloriously selfish

Yes, you may have to invest in a selfie stick but it’s a small price to pay to 100% please yourself. Want to spend a whole day in the Louvre? Go for it! Or prefer to eat your way around Italy than see a single thing of cultural significance? Done! You’re flying solo so can spend your days however you choose. Having someone to get excited with over a free hotel upgrade is great but so is not having to compromise on every. single. thing.

You’ll be more employable

Plus, people who are well-travelled make excellent employees. For one, they’re great problem solvers. Not to mention confident, independent and adaptable to all kinds of situations. When in front of a prospective employer, who wouldn’t want to casually throw in the fact that they hauled a 20kg backpack through the back streets of Delhi, in the rain, while fumbling with a map and trying to ask for directions in broken Hindi? Independent? Tick! Calm under pressure? Tick, tick!

Take the good with the bad

While travelling solo is exciting, like everything in life it’s not guaranteed to go exactly as planned. There will likely be shared dorms, dirty showers, carrying suitcases alone, rude people and sometimes even hidden dangers. It’s daunting, and for some a huge reason why they’d never do it.

There’s a few things you can do to help. Like registering with Smart Traveller before you go, being aware of any travel warnings for the places you plan to visit and making sure friends and family know your movements. Understand any cultural differences and key gestures or expressions of the country you’re going to and be respectful of them. And of course, if something doesn’t feel quite right, there’s every possibility it’s not.

At the end of the day a bit of pre-planning, research and having your wits about you goes a long way. A Lonely Planet guide comes in handy too! Before you know it, you’ll be wandering the streets of Paris, passport in hand saying, ‘Chambre individuelle s’il vous plait.’

Feeling inspired?

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